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Marwari Horses to Have International Branding in Pushkar, Horse Riders from Europe to Participate

Marwari Horses to Have International Branding in Pushkar, Horse Riders from Europe to Participate

Preparations are underway to internationally brand the renowned Marwari horses, known as the pride of the state, through the International Pushkar Fair. The Animal Husbandry Department has formulated a complete plan, and the Collector has also given his conceptual approval for it. If everything goes well, this year’s Pushkar Fair will feature riders from Dubai, as well as equestrians from Switzerland, Holland, and England riding Marwari horses.

The objective is to expand the reach of Marwari horse breeds to foreign countries. Discussions are underway with foreign traders and horse riders regarding this event, including talks with the sheikhs from Dubai. Dr. Navin Parihar, the Joint Director of the Animal Husbandry Department, states that there is no shortage of superior horse breeds in India. Besides the Marwari and Kathiawadi horses, the cold mountainous regions of North East India are home to the Bhutia, Spiti, and Manipuri horse breeds, each with their unique characteristics. However, the Marwari horse stands out the most. It is famous for adapting to any situation and is easily adaptable in cold and mountainous regions as well as arid areas. Arabian countries use camels and horses for their grandeur and endurance.

Benefit for Horse Breeders and Others

Man riding horse

The use of Marwari horses is increasingly becoming a hobby in India. European countries also host major horse racing events, and there is no shortage of horse breeders there. Therefore, the plan aims to extend the reach of Marwari horses to these countries. This will also open up avenues for exporting other advanced horse breeds. The benefits will be shared by horse breeders, the state government, and the Indian government, and it will leave a distinct impression of the Pushkar Fair in foreign countries. It will also boost the arrival of foreign traders at the fair. Dr. Parihar mentions that discussions are underway with 20 sheikhs from Dubai regarding this matter, and most of them have given their consent.

Invitations to Traders and Foreign Guests


Preparations are being made to invite horse riders and traders from Dubai, Switzerland, Holland, and England. For this purpose, a field will be prepared on 500 acres of land near the old helipad, close to Motisar.

Although there have been changes in officials, the enthusiasm remains high. Recently, the Collector of Ajmer, Anshdeep, and ADA Commissioner Akshay Godara were transferred. Dr. Parihar had obtained their consent for this plan. The new Collector has also been briefed about this plan, and work on it will commence soon to ensure smooth arrangements for foreign guests. The preparation to host at least 50 horses in the field is underway, and the final number will be determined after confirmation from foreign guests.

A Glimpse of Marwari Horses in Rajasthan

Marwari horse

  • The Marwari breed is named after the Marwar region of Rajasthan.
  • Marwar is their natural habitat.
    The Marwari region includes the districts of Udaipur, Jalore, Jodhpur, and Rajsamand, as well as the neighboring areas in Gujarat.
  • Marwari horses are primarily bred for riding and sports.
  • Their primary color is usually brown, and the other colors on their body include white patches, chestnut, and black.
  • The body of Marwari horses is 130-140 cm long, 152-160 cm tall, 166-175 cm in chest circumference, 60 cm in face length, 22 cm in face width, 18 cm in ear length, and 47 cm in tail length.
  • The price of Marwari horses ranges from a minimum of 50,000 to a maximum of 5 crore.

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Horse owners and equine farm owners from all over India are invited to attend the prestigious event celebrating the magnificence of Marwari horses. Whether you possess a Marwari horse or any other breed, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your equine companion’s beauty and talent. Experience the enchanting city of Pushkar, where the vibrant atmosphere and rich heritage provide the perfect backdrop for this remarkable show. Come, be a part of this grand gathering and share your passion for horses with fellow enthusiasts and experts alike.

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